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Looking for some motivation as we approach the half way stage of the Save@Work campaign? The Telford Land Registry offices share their success through launching a monthly Energy Saving Competition in their local intranet magazine, Parkside Post.

Launched at the beginning of October, Telford based the competition on two actions to help their building in the wider Save@Work competition – turning off monitors when not in use and registering for the Green Clicks tool on the Save@Work website.

Currently, the office has 451 computer monitors in use. During a random check of team monitors across the office, they found that 64 were left on overnight, 14% of the monitors currently in use! The figure varied across teams from only 4% of one team’s monitors being left on through to 67% in another area. It’s a really quick and easy win; every colleague can make a different to energy consumption by switching off unused kit, preventing it from quietly running up the energy bills. The Energy Saving Team has begun carrying out spot checks, recording the number of monitors left on standby during random times of the day. Teams are encouraged to switch off neighbours monitors as well to compete with other teams in the office.

Sounds simple enough, right? They have also made a push on Green Clicks, driving colleagues to register and complete the tool, which involves answering a series of questions about your energy use habits. They are monitoring the number of people completing the tool; currently Telford employees make up 18% of the total Land Registry employees from across all participating buildings that have completed Green Clicks. To motivate staff to get involved, they are also offering cake and prizes to winning teams.

If you would like help using the tool, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The team with the best combined performance each month, with both switching off monitors when away from their desks and completing the Green Clicks surveys, will receive a selection of treats for the team and a certificate. They are happy to announce the first result winners being Customer Team 3 and the Correspondence Team.

As a result of running the competition, Telford has managed to decrease the number of monitors left on from 14% to 5% and the number of people registered with Green Clicks has increased from 15 to 35 people – representing 34% of the total people registered on Green Clicks across all buildings.

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The Energy Team at Telford Land Registry

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