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Switching Off

What savings have you been able to identify during the Save@Work project?

Now I know that you are all technically in competition with one another but we thought this was probably just too good not to share!

During an energy survey of their building, the Birkenhead Land Registry energy team identified a rather excessive amount of lighting in the office reception foyer. The area was lit by 23 spotlights, 12 strip lights, 1 light circle shade, 2 lights in the porch and one illuminated logo.

It was revealed that the lights were left on simply “out of habit” with one member of staff even commenting that they “would not have them on at home”. The team looked into what the lighting levels for this area needed to be and realised that there were potential energy savings to be made simply by turning off any unnecessary lighting.

The issue was raised during a Building User Forum and as a result the illuminated sign and 23 spotlights were switched off. The office is also going to look into replacing these spotlights with LED bulbs, which last up to 25 times longer than a typical halogen bulb and can use 90% less energy.

With each spotlight using 60 watts and being in use for 240 hours a month, the office will be able to save an estimated £37.49 a month on electricity costs, which adds up to a whopping £449.88 a year! (Calculated using a business electricity tariff rate of 11.3p per Kwh) – watch out fellow competitors!

This awareness has triggered behaviour change; custodians and other security guards working at the office no longer automatically switch all of the lights on when they enter the building – behaviours that can even be applied at home.

A great example of how such a small change can lead to big energy savings!


Thank you to Lindsay Phillips and the energy team at Land Registry Birkenhead office for sharing their findings. We’d love to hear any success stories you may have to share, feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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